Your thesis is the final step in a long period of research, you’ve probably spent years perfecting the content so it’s only logical that the book should look nothing less than perfect as well. That’s where I can be of help. I’m an experienced Illustrator and Graphic Designer specialized in theses. I can provide you with a clear, professional layout for the inside of your book and I can create a unique cover which truly reflects your work. I offer a Cover + Bookmark Design package, a Layout Package or a Total Package which can even include the design of your presentation. I work with a several Dutch printers who are specialized in scientific publications. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more. You provide the content, I'll make it look good.

Cover design

From high-tech digital vector graphics to old fashioned pencil and paper, I loves using different styles, materials and techniques to create a cover that is uniquely your own. This is achieved by familiarizing myself with your research and by extensive communication during the entire design process. This will make sure the end result is both professional and personal.

How it works:

The key word is cooperation. It all starts with your own ideas, if you have any visual concepts then those will be the basis of the cover design. If you have no idea then that's okay too; I'll read a summary of your thesis and will propose my own concepts. When the concept is approved I start sketching, either on paper or on the computer depending on the type of image you need. During the sketching phase you’ll be kept in the loop as well, I usually send multiple sketches for you to choose from. The sketch you pick will then be developed further and later on I'll suggest several colour variations and text styles. You’ll be involved in every step of the creative process so make a book cover that is truly and uniquely yours.


As a graphic designer I’m specialized in arranging theses and dissertations, using the most up-to-date professional software to create a book that is both beautiful and readable. I believe the best results are achieved when the author of the book is also involved with how it looks, therefore we will be in touch regularly. English is not a problem, I guarantee swift, smart and friendly communication.
My work is always custom-made, I don’t use standard layouts or templates. All headers, tables, title pages and references are arranged to fit the content and to fit your preferences. That way the form will be as unique as the content.
I work with several specialized Dutch printers, this ensures an optimal work flow where you don’t have to be the go-between. In addition to the paper version I can also take care of a digital version of your thesis. Additionally I can provide you with extra illustrations for the inside of the book or your presentation. Contact me if you want to know more, you will receive an answer within one working day.